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CPR November 2008 Class-Thanks!:

Hello Christian,

I just wanted to write and let you know now how thankful I am that you came to teach us the ABC's of CPR. Sunday afternoon I driving along Broadway and witnessed a horrific 2 car collision. Myself and the other guy in the car were the only people there for about 4-5 minutes so I ran over to see what i could do and all of a sudden everything you squished into that 6 hour lesson clicked right back in. I did not have to perform CPR, thank god, a paramedic was close by. I did remember to let the driver of the car know not move the passenger who was very critical from what I could tell. It was actually quite terrible. After 5 minutes of continuously reminding the driver not to move her the paramedic ran over from the near by hotel and from there I babysat his daughter who he had in tow.

I just want you to know your class is/was great and for you to remind anyone else you instruct not to worry about forgetting everything you taught them and that it will come to mind once your there in a situation and your adrenaline starts pumping. It's scary when it occurs but you feel great after.

Again, thank you.


Lisa - Winnipeg